About Heather Linkenheimer

A freelance yoga instructor and certified massage therapist, Heather Linkenheimer helps individuals develop a connection between mind and body, achieve higher levels of fitness, and learn effective relaxation techniques. As an instructor, she teaches her students more than just how to do different yoga poses. She teaches how to link breath and movement, a method that allows students to meditate while they practice and sharpen both mental and physical abilities. In addition, Heather Linkenheimer designs her classes by drawing on helpful philosophies, such as those of Mandy Ingber. In her book Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, Ingber teaches that self-acceptance and self-affirmation serve as the base for any successful fitness plan and demonstrates how yoga can be a tool for greater appreciation of one’s body.

After gaining firsthand experience teaching yoga, Heather Linkenheimer recognized the clear link between the practice and massage. Following her certification as a massage therapist, she began offering massage to her yoga students. Such a combination allows for increased flexibility, better circulation, and reduced stress. Linkenheimer encourages students to book massage sessions either before or after practicing yoga. Before practice, massage stretches the muscles and makes difficult postures more achievable. After practice, massage promotes deep relaxation. Before each massage session, Linkenheimer identifies specific areas of tension with which the client has struggled, in order to make the massage as effective as possible.

Heather Linkenheimer remains actively involved with her professional community. She supports Yoga Across America, an organization that seeks to bring yoga to people without the means to pay for classes or with limited access to yoga instructors.


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