Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga pic Jivamukti Yoga blends physical challenges and meditation. The style draws on the original definition of asana, a Sanskrit word that refers to a connection to the Earth, and by extension, all life. In the Jivamukti tradition, a person should ensure that his or her relationships to others benefit both parties and emerge from an ongoing state of happiness and joy.

To help students achieve that state, Jivamukti teaches five tenets of equal importance. Ahimsa stresses a compassionate lifestyle of nonviolence. Bhakti sets a goal of self-realization in devotional practices. Dhyana encourages connection to an unchanging internal reality. Nada promotes the development of mind and body through listening. And Shastra incorporates the study of the ancient teachings of yoga.

Students learn Jivamukti Yoga in one of six class types, including the four-week journey of the basic class, which teaches a new theme each week. Other classes include the Spiritual Warrior, designed for people with only a little time for yoga and a desire to get in shape, as well as vinyasa classes that teach the basics of a practice in which yoga forms flow into one another in sequence. More information on Jivamukti Yoga can be found at www.jivamuktiyoga.com.

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