How Certified Yoga Instructors Can Build a Client Base

Yoga Entrepreneurship pic With yoga more popular than ever in the United States, many individuals choose to complete teacher training programs, which offer instructor certification. After securing certification, however, instructors have to develop a client base, which often involves teaching friends, family, and others for free out of their homes. Teaching for free allows individuals to gain experience as a teacher, receive invaluable feedback, and create connections that could lead to a paying job.

Budding teachers who do not yet have studio space may need to get creative with their locations, especially in cities. While an apartment may not provide adequate space, parks, rooftops, and other unique locations can attract more adventurous practitioners.

To get the word out, instructors need to learn how to use social media to advertise. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn offer excellent networking and personal branding opportunities.

Many new teachers can find work leading sessions in nontraditional forums. For example, some companies hire teachers to lead lunchtime or after-work yoga classes. These opportunities can build a following of individuals who would attend classes in a more traditional setting, such as a studio. Once a new teacher has established a client base, private lessons can prove very lucrative as well.

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