Yoga Across America Promotes Connection to Spirituality

Based out of Sacramento, California, Yoga Across America has spread the value of yoga across the nation. The organization develops programs for schools, hospitals, parks, and civic groups in order to educate neighborhoods about the benefits that yoga can have on their lives. Yoga Across America utilizes a variety of yoga practices, such as yin yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and yoga nidra to promote a connection to spirituality and improvements in physical health. Along with producing a sense of community among its members, Yoga Across America receives support from Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps, the Mercy Cancer Institute, and other organizations.

One of Yoga Across America’s most important initiatives is Yoga for American Soldiers. Many active duty soldiers and veterans encounter physical and mental difficulties due to their time in the armed forces. Yoga for American Soldiers uses yoga to improve lives through physicality, breathing exercises, and meditation. Members of the armed forces have applauded the program for providing them with a sense of relaxation and personal strength. The organization also includes Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Lieutenant Colonel Michele Spencer as an ambassador. Her book, B.A.G.H.D.A.D. Yoga: A Shift in Consciousness: Fear to Love, War to Peace, highlighted the benefits of yoga in dealing with stress during war.