Jivamukti Teacher Training Combines the Physical with the Spiritual

A unique school of yoga that incorporates music, yogic scripture, and meditation, Jivamukti offers 300-hour teacher training throughout the year. Taught by senior Jivamukti practitioners such as Sharon Gannon and David Life, these month-long courses take place in locations around the world. Course material ranges from introductory anatomy to yogic philosophy. At a basic level, aspiring teachers learn how to structure a class with a meaningful series of asanas, or poses. However, the teacher training also helps students understand yoga as a means of connecting with the universe at large, and it gives them the tools to build a more harmonious life. Through their study of ancient yogic scriptures, students are consistently challenged to incorporate spirituality into their physical yoga practice.

The Jivamukti School also offers an 800-hour apprenticeship for students who have completed the initial teacher training. This program allows students to grow deeper in the Jivamukti practice and pursue more senior teaching roles. Learn more about these courses and the Jivamukti School by visiting http://www.jivamuktiyoga.com.