Advice for Integrating Mindfulness into Your Everyday Life

Mindfulness meditation has a number of benefits that range from reducing stress and anxiety to boosting cardiovascular health. You may think that mindfulness is reserved for meditation. However, mindfulness can be integrated into even the most mundane activities, such as taking a shower. People may tend to let their minds wander during their shower while thinking about events from last night or worrying about the coming day. Mindful individuals focus on the sensation of the water on their skin and the smell of the soap.

Individuals can use mindfulness to relieve some of the more stressful parts of their day, such as the commute to and from work. Whether a person drives or takes public transportation, the commute can prove irritating and tense, causing individuals to let their minds wander. However, by remaining mindful, individuals can recognize that everyone around them – both on the train and in other cars – are having similar feelings of annoyance and discomfort. This newfound compassion can transform the entire experience.