Frequently Overlooked Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Many individuals choose to practice yoga for its well-known health benefits, including reduced levels of stress and increased flexibility. Outside of the health benefits, several others exist. A recent Norwegian study demonstrated that regularly practicing yoga causes changes in gene expression that boost immunity, even at the cellular level. On a larger scale, improved circulation and breathing also lead to a stronger immune system.

Individuals with insomnia may also benefit from regularly practicing yoga, according to a recent Harvard study. Another study focused on individuals who had survived cancer and found similar results. Regularly practicing yoga promoted better sleep patterns and reduced feelings of fatigue throughout the day.

University of Washington researchers have linked regular yoga practice with more mindful eating. Yoga helps individuals to become more in tune with their emotions and physical cravings, which leads them to make better dietary choices.

In addition, yoga may help to control migraine headaches. Although the cause of migraines is still a mystery, regularly practicing yoga over the course of three months has been shown to reduce the number and intensity of migraines.