Tips for Your First Yoga Class

For individuals who have never practiced yoga before, attending their first class can be extremely stressful. While attending a class for beginners will ensure that the level is within their capability, students will still have varying levels of familiarity with the practice.

When beginners become consumed with comparing themselves to everyone else in the room, they waste the opportunity before them. Watching others can either discourage people or push them to try poses that they are not ready for and injure themselves. Instead, students should focus on their own performance and view the people around them as an inspiration rather than as rivals.

During the first few yoga classes, students should focus on developing a greater awareness of personal space. In virtually every class, people will run into each other at some point. However, by staying in one’s own designated space, these run-ins can be minimized.

Moreover, students should remain aware of their breath. Some people may have a tendency to exhale loudly, which can be very distracting for the rest of the class. While students should hear their own breath, someone who is several mats over should not be subjected to this, as well.